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Why Choose The Nash Institute?

1. Hands-On Training

At our dental CE seminars, you’ll master new techniques under the direct supervision of current and emerging dentistry leaders, including Dr. Ross Nash and many others. You will learn about the latest innovations in dental technology, new materials and techniques since it is crucial for dental professionals to keep up with the ever-evolving field. Continuing education classes available at The Nash Institute offer dentists an ideal opportunity to improve their skills in a hands-on environment.

2. Smaller Class Sizes for More Personalized Attention

Offering a larger number of classes allows us to keep our class sizes small and intimate. Our students benefit from this by receiving more focused, individualized attention and feedback from our instructors. Not only does this provide a more effective learning experience, it also fosters a warm and friendly learning environment. Attendees are able to get to know both their instructors and fellow classmates on a deeper level, contributing to a supportive and collaborative classroom environment.

3. Learning and Bonding With Peers

The advanced curriculum is perfect for doctors looking to take their clinical expertise to the next level without compromising their current skills. One of the unique aspects of our intimate setting is that it fosters a community of peers from varying backgrounds and areas of clinical focus. These peer groups often stay in touch and develop professional and personal friendships that last long after the formal instruction is finished.

4. Convenient Weekend Courses

Maximize your time! We know that time away from your office can cost you valuable time with patients. That’s why Nash Institute seminars are mostly taught on the weekend. Tailored to the needs of the busy dental professional, our programs are designed to help you master new skills in easy-to-manage time frames.

5. Team Development and Practice Management Expertise

With an instructor like Debra Engelhardt-Nash, the Nash Institute can help you strengthen your clinical education by also improving your office team’s skills to match. These skills include such important elements as communicating effectively with your team and with patients, and sound financing tips for a profitable practice. All these tools at your disposal will give you the ability to grow your team performance, and your practice revenues.

6. Ideal Location with Excellent Choices of Hotels

The courses are held in a new training facility right next to Dr. Ross Nash’s offices. Cosmetic Dentistry of The Carolinas is set up with operatory cameras that feed live video directly into the training room. This allows for excellent over-the-shoulder and live patient instruction for students. The office is also conveniently located close to several excellent hotels, restaurants and other sites in the beautiful area of Huntersville, NC, a suburb of Charlotte.

7. Customer Service That is Unmatched

We pride ourselves in providing the best possible customer service to our attendees to ensure your experience is educationally rewarding, of tremendous professional value and a lot of fun! It is in our best interest for you to be successful, so we strive for your total satisfaction at The Nash Institute!