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The Nash Institute Reviews

“I wanted to thank you again for a wonderful course. Certainly have grown so much since the last time I was here. And can’t wait to see what else is in store. Can’t wait to come back again for more.”

-Gregory J. Balaes

“Good Morning. As always being at the Nash Institute was an awesome experience. Why do I continue to return? Because every experience is unique and it enables me to be re-energized. I appreciate you and your dedication to the industry. I admire you, your accomplishments and value you as a mentor. As my home is filled with the fragrance of the candle that you gifted me with I am continually reminded of you, your friendship, and leadership. God truly blessed me when he put me in your path, Debra. Thank You.”

-Julie Humphries, Practice Manager, Shelby, NC

“I never anticipated being able to consider someone as prominent and highly regarded as Dr. Nash to be a mentor to me.”

-Dr. Michelle Hrnchar, Medina, OH

“I really enjoyed the course and appreciated the low-ego emissions not always prevalent in others. I was impressed by the breadth of information offered by the Nash Team.”

-Dr. Gary Jacky, Edmonds, WA

“I can’t thank you enough for all you did for me…Your hospitality made me think of things I can improve upon in my own practice.”

-Dr. Curt Mitchem, Champaign, IL

“Regardless of whether you are a Dentist or an administrator, you are treated like family when attending the Nash Institute. A truly well-rounded experience!”

-Dawn Whitlow, Havelock, NC

“I expected Dr. Nash to maybe show up for an hour or so, and that the balance of the course would be taught by associates. I was quite wrong. Dr. Nash is very approachable and it was excellent overall.”

-Dr. Dax Sinn, Mansfield, TX

“I enjoyed the hands-on…The instructors presented material that you can take back to the office on Monday, and helped foster my confidence in presenting large cases.”

-Dr. David Foster, Columbia, TN

“It has dramatically changed my thinking towards the way I want to treat my patients.”

-Dr. Gerald Coates, Atlantic Beach, NC

“I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to come to The Nash Institute & bring our team! Your enthusiasm is contagious. May God continue to “Bless your Heart” and your business!”

-Dr. Lisa Nave, Lebanon, TN

“I very much enjoyed my visit & appreciate the wealth of knowledge you passed along. Thank you for all that you do.”

-Stephenie Wright, Watertown, NY