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EFDA Direct Composite Restorations

This composite restorative course offers “a little less talk and a lot more action” as participants are exposed to two full days of Expanded Functions, HANDS-ON training to help you think like a doctor! This course will be invaluable to beginning EFDAs, as well as seasoned EFDAs! Participants will learn to place and finish all classifications of direct restorative composites. Participants will also learn when to use sectional matrix systems versus constrictive matrix systems in the posterior as well as the anterior. This course will help develop a system of skills, tips and tricks to become efficient and productive in your office! Each participant will place and finish Class 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 direct composites using the latest techniques and materials. All materials and instruments will be provided. The use of loupes is suggested and advised. Bring them if you have them to simulate the clinical setting. Practice how you play! This course is designed with EFDAs and dental assistants in mind, however accompanying dentists are welcome as well!


2 days of Hands On Training:
Increase your knowledge and efficiency utilizing the sectional matrix system and products.

Understand how to select and use the sectional matrix products and procedures for every class of restoration.

Develop a systematic approach for composite restorations in the anterior and posterior plus adjunct procedures you can easily do for your doctor(if your state allows)

Recognize when to utilize the sectional matrix system and when the constrictive matrix should be used.

Learn to think like a doctor… Yes you are that important to your dental team!

Also review what duties are allowable for an EFDA in your state! Check out this link:

2023 Seminar Schedule and Special Events

August 25-26, 2023 EFDA Direct Composite Restorations Instructor Dr. Ross W. Nash

2023 Tuition:
EFDAs: $995.00

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