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Provisional Course


Dr. Adriana Castaneda Carpio

In this full day hands-on course, the participant will learn how to fabricate functional provisional restorations that are esthetically pleasing to the patient. Materials, techniques and placement procedures will be covered in step by step fashion.  The participant will leave with the skills and confidence to implement these procedures in their office.

Dates:  June 7,  December 6, 2019

Fee: $595 (1 day) Includes lunch and materials

  1. Introduction
  2. Tooth preparation review: onlay, inlay, crown, bridge and veneers
  3. Dental anatomy: esthetic zone (embrasures, line angles and occlusion)
  4. Materials: Bis-acrylic composite
  5. Temporary techniques: stint, provisional fabrication and laboratory finishing
  6. Bite registration and Face-bow
  7. Hands-on Workshop: Demonstration of temporization using bis-acrylic composite
    – Lab putty and light body stint for temporaries in the aesthetic zone
    – Trimming and polishing temps
    – Occlusion: what not to do- BIPS or BULL
  8. Provisional cementation techniques and materials
  9. Conclusion